Our Values

Centering on the Gospel

The Bible is the foundation of all we do and believe. It introduces us to God's truth and the good news that He loves us with immeasurable grace. This beautiful gospel is the very center-point of our lives and our efforts.

Transforming Lives

God's grace changes everything. We lean into Him to continually transform our hearts, minds, and lives. We allow God to change us and serve to guide others to the feet of Jesus so that they can experience the life-changing power of Christ.


We work to create a culture that is spiritually and emotionally healthy. We promote transparency, vulnerability, and accountability so that God can do his best work in us and through us, together.


We are committed to being a multigenerational church that pursues Christ together— investing in generations beyond our own, prioritizing intergenerational relationships, and providing effective ministry for all of life’s stages.

Living on Mission

Our mission, "Reaching beyond ourselves to make Christ known," is more than an event or program. Together, we are following the Holy Spirit into a vibrant, generous, life-giving journey to share Christ's love in our homes, our church, our community, and throughout the world.